How to Setup Linksys WiFi Extender?

Question:- I bought a brand new Linksys RE6300 wifi extender for my home. And I don’t know how to set up this Linksys Wifi extender to my router. I tried to visit but nothing works. Please help me to set up my Linksys Extender.

Answer:- As you all know that Linksys Wireless or WiFi Extender helps you to repeat the wifi signals of a router with better strength. It will transfer the wireless signal to those areas which are hard to reach on the basis of internet connectivity at your place. Although it is easy to set up Linksys WiFi Extender for those people who have a little bit of Technical knowledge about routers and computers. But in this article, we will share all the possible ways to set up your Linksys Extender with the router.

Common issues while Setup the Linksys Wifi Extender:-

There are many reasons why your Linksys Wifi Extender Setup failed during the installation process. If you face any of these technical issues with Wireless Extender Contact Linksys Support.

  • Unable to connect with Linksys Extender over the network.
  • Don’t know Linksys default Username and Password.
  • Can’t find the IP address of the Linksys Extender.
  • Extender Firewall Security error.
  • not responding.
  • Firmware or drivers out of date problem.
  • Problems while configuring Wireless range extender.

Things to remember before Linksys Extender Setup:-

There are a couple of things that you have to remember before you install the Linksys Wifi Extender. If you lose any of these things you will not be able to Setup the extender.

  • Identify the wireless network name (SSID) of the Router.
  • Check for the Wireless channel ( Channel should be the same for extender).
  • Remember the wireless password of the router.

Steps for Linksys WiFi Extender Setup:-

  1.  Reset the extender to its factory default settings. Press and hold the Reset button of the extender at the top panel for 3-4 sec. with this LED light starts blinking on Linksys extender. 
  2. Connect an Ethernet cable to your computer and the Extender.
  3. Now Restart your Linksys Wifi Extender and make sure all the lights are stable.
  4. Launch Google Chrome browser on your computer and open the router’s IP Address like “” in the address box.
  5. After that, a window will be prompted on your computer screen asking for username and password to Log in. Leave Username Blank and Password is “admin”.
  6. The Linksys extender page will be open on the computer browser.
  7. Click on Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings.
  8. Now set the Wireless button to Manual and then enter the router’s wireless network name (SSID).
  9. Go to the Wireless Security section and enter the wireless password of the router and Save Settings.
  10. At last, unplug the power cables of the router and Linksys Wifi Extender and wait for 30 sec. Restart both the devices and your Linksys Extender will automatically sync with your router.

To make sure your Linksys Wifi Extender Setup is successful, open your router’s DHCP table and look for the extender IP Address.

QUICK TIP: If you face any trouble while installing your Linksys Wifi Extender, directly call the Linksys Support center for better help4 or Chat with the Linksys Support agent below.

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