(Solved 2023) Fix an HP Printer that is showing offline?

hp printer says offline

If you have an HP printer, you may have noticed the frustrating error “HP Printer Says Offline”. These problems can disrupt your workflow and delay essential tasks. However, in this detailed article, we will explain the possible reasons behind this printer offline problem and provide effective solutions to bring your HP printer back online and running smoothly.

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Why is my HP printer showing an offline error?

When your HP printer shows the “Offline” message, it means the HP printer is not communicating with your computer or other devices. There are several reasons behind this problem. It could be connectivity issues, outdated drivers or any other software-related issue. However, before troubleshooting, let’s check the different aspects of this issue.

1) Network Connectivity Problems 

One common cause of your HP printer keeps going offline is network or WiFi connection problems. If your HP printer is connected via WiFi, ensure the connection is stable. A weak WiFi and unstable signal can disrupt communication between the Printer and your devices.

2) Outdated Printer Drivers

Outdated HP printer drivers can hinder the Printer’s ability to communicate correctly with the computer. Ensure that your computer Operating systems and devices regularly receive updates. If your HP printer drivers are outdated, they might be incompatible with your operating system. As a result, your HP printer shows you an offline status.

3) Printer Hardware Issues

Sometimes, the issue lies within the Printer itself. Faulty hardware components, paper jams, or any other mechanical issues can cause the Printer to go offline.

4) Printer Software Issues

Issues with the printer software can also lead to offline problems. Problems with the HP printer’s firmware or other software-related glitches can lead to loose communication with your devices.

5) Printer Queue Problems

Pending or stuck print jobs can also cause the HP printer to show an office message. These pending print jobs might interfere with the Printer’s ability to receive new print commands from the computer.

Why does my HP printer say offline when it is connected to WiFi?

If your HP printer is connected to the WiFi and it still says it is offline, that means it’s clearly a problem with the HP printer drivers. When your HP printer drivers are not installed correctly, or they conflict with the latest Windows update, this causes your HP Printer to go offline. Whenever your Windows get updates, there is a possibility that you have to update the drivers for your Printer because they are not compatible with these latest Windows update.

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Steps to Fix HP Printer keeps going Offline issue.

These steps will help you to bring your HP printer from offline to online.

  1. Firstly, Delete HP printers from Devices and HP Smart.
  2. Uninstall the old HP printer drivers from the control panel.
  3. Now hard reboot the Printer by unplugging the power cable from its back.
  4. Go to SettingsNetwork SetupWireless Setup Wizard.
  5. Now choose your WiFi name and Enter the password of your WiFi.
  6. Once the Connection is Successful, write down the Printer’s IP address (ex. on a piece of paper.
  7. Open the HP Smart app and click on Add Printer.
  8. Select HP Printer and add it to your computer.
  9. At last, your HP shows you an online sign in the HP smart app.

In Conclusion:- These are the basic steps to bring the an HP printer from offline to online. If you still face the problem, you can run an HP scan and doctor to check for any other issues.

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  1. How can I fix the “Printer Says Offline” issue?
  • Follow our troubleshooting steps to check network connection, update printer drivers, and restart devices to resolve the offline error.
  1. Why does my HP printer keep going offline on Windows 10?
  • The offline error can occur due to network connectivity issues, outdated drivers, hardware problems, or stuck print jobs in the printer queue.
  1. Is the offline error related to printer hardware problems?
  • Yes, printer hardware problems, such as paper jams or faulty ink cartridges, can trigger the offline error.
  1. Can outdated printer drivers cause the offline error?
  • Yes, outdated printer drivers can hinder communication between the printer and devices, leading to the offline status.
  1. How do I update printer drivers on Windows 10?
  • Visit the official HP website and download the latest

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