(Solved 2023) How to Fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages?


Question:- I am using an HP wireless Printer for the last two months, suddenly my HP printer quit printing. When I try to print any document or photo from my Windows 10 computer, it gives me a blank page always. I checked HP smart app that shows there is half ink in my cartridges. So I replaced the Ink cartridge with a new one and still, my HP Printer is printing blank pages. I am not sure it’s a hardware or a software problem with my printer. However, it’s a new printer and I want to fix this HP wireless Printer that is printing blank pages. Can you help me to fix my HP printer that prints blank pages after replacing the new ink cartridge? 

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Why is my HP Printer printing blank pages?

If you are using an HP Printer that prints blank pages even though you have ink in the cartridges, that means it’s a problem with printer hardware or with the software.

Before you go to any technician you should know if printing blank pages is a hardware or a software problem. Because if it’s a software problem then you can fix it by yourself by following these troubleshooting steps. However, if it’s a hardware problem then you might have to call a technician to fix it.

How to check if an HP Printer has a Hardware or Software problem?

To check if your HP Printer is facing hardware or software problems while printing blank pages, try to make a black or color copy from it. If your printer makes a copy in color or black, it means it’s a software problem. And it can be fixed by troubleshooting. However, if it is not making copies and printing blank pages, that means it’s a hardware problem.

In many cases, HP printer faces software problem while printing in color or black. So fix it online with these troubleshooting steps.

How to fix HP Printer that Prints blank pages?

These troubleshooting steps are for Windows 10 users who are facing problems with the HP printer that is printing blank pages.

  • Turn Off your HP Printer by unplugging the power cable from the back of it.
  • Uninstall the HP Printer drivers from the Control Panel of the computer.
  • Delete the HP Printer from the Devices and Printers list.
  • Turn On the HP Printer.
  • Reset the Wireless Connection by holding the Wireless Button on the printer.
  • To make sure Wireless Connection is Reset (Wireless Light will start blinking)
  • Resetting the Wireless connection will update your Printer Firmware.
  • Now Connect your HP Printer to the home network again.
  • Open HP Smart App on Windows 10 computer.
  • Click on Setup a new Printer.
  • Follow the instruction on the HP Smart to set up the HP Printer.
  • Once it’s completed, the computer will be updated with the latest HP drivers.
  • Now print any document from the computer and it will start printing in color and black.
  • Printing blank pages problem in HP Printer will be fixed completely after this troubleshooting.

Note:- If you find there is a hardware problem with the HP printer and its printing blank pages, then call HP Support for more help.

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5 thoughts on “(Solved 2023) How to Fix HP Printer Printing Blank Pages?

  1. What if I can wireless print to my hp printer from my cell phone or tablet, but it prints blank pages from my new hp laptop?

  2. It would be a software issue between your laptop and the computer. Reinstallation may fix it but you can check the status of your printer on your laptop to make sure it is set as the default printer, shows the printer is “online” and make sure the software and drivers are up to date on your laptop. I used the HP Smart software and last time I checked, from their you can run diagnostics, check print levels, connectivity, print test pages etc.

  3. My hard drive crashed and I had to have a new drive put in. I got it back and everything works fine except by Envy 6052 which will only print blank pages. It goes through all the stages it has to go through but only prints blank pages. I have plenty of ink in it so it is not the ink. Can you help me? barbk840@hotmail.com

    1. Everything seems to be ok. We are getting the emails regarding the same issue. However some customers have tried to uninstall all the HP printer drivers from the computer and then reinstall them again. This fix the issue with some customers. Remember if your printer older then 1 year , please try to update the printer firmware from hp website.

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