(Solved 2023) How to fix HP Envy 6055, 6055e Printer Offline?

hp envy 6055 offline

Customer:- I purchased an HP Envy 6055 printer. It is about 1 and half months old, and this HP Envy 6055 printer keeps going offline. It’s showing me a Printer offline message whenever I try to print anything from my Windows 10 computer. Even though I used a USB cable for printing but still it says offline. I don’t know what is wrong with this HP Envy 6000 series printer. Please help me to fix this HP Envy 6055 offline error?

Why does my HP Envy 6055 printer Keeps Going Offline?

HP is making it simple to connect any HP printer to the computer or smartphone wirelessly. However wireless technology depends upon the connection. Doesn’t matter how good is your printer, computer, or router, if there is a loose connection between your peripheral devices then it will never work. The same case goes with HP Envy 6055 printers, due to power outage, change in router settings, or even new internet service provider can cause HP Eoffline. If your HP Envy 6055 printer goes Online to Offline this means there is a problem with your wireless connection. And to fix this problem permanently follow these steps one by one.

Steps to Fix HP Envy 6055, 6055e Printer Offline

This troubleshooting guide is for all HP Envy 6000 Series, 6055, 6052, 6055e printers. Any Windows 10 or Mac users can follow these steps to bring HP Envy 6055 printer from offline to online.

  1. Restart your HP Envy printer by plugging out the Power cord.
  2. Press and Hold the Wifi button on the back of your HP Printer for 5 sec to Reset the wireless connection.
  3. Now Lights on the HP Envy printer will start flashing.
  4. Press and Hold the WPS Button for 3 sec on your Router.
  5. It will connect your HP Envy printer automatically to the network.
  6. Once the connection is complete Wireless Blue light becomes Solid.
  7. Press (I) icon on the HP Envy 6055 printer to print a configuration page.
  8. There should be an IP address like ( or
  9. This will be the IP address for your HP Envy Printer.
  10. Now go to the Control panel of your Windows 10 or Mac computer to Add a Printer.
  11. Add printer Using a TCP or an IP connection.
  12. Now your HP Envy 6055 printer is back online and ready to print wirelessly.

Note:- Hopefully this will fix the problem completely, however, if it doesn’t work you can contact to HP Support team for more help.

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