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(Solved) How to Connect Canon Wireless Printer to WiFi?

connect canon printer to wifi

If you are using a Canon printer with wireless capability and you don’t know how to connect the Canon printer to wifi, then you can follow this article for more help.

Methods to connect Canon Wireless Printer to Wifi

There are 3 easy ways to connect any Canon wireless printer to the wireless network.

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(1). Wireless Connect Button Method

This wireless connection method is used for those Canon printers who don’t have a Settings Icon and just have a Wireless Connect Button on the printer. However, with this wireless connect button you can connect Canon printer to wifi. Follow these steps to set up a canon printer wirelessly.

(2). WPS Push Button Mode

Similarly, in this method, we’ll cover how to connect Canon printers to a wireless network using the WPS Push button method. Let’s get started!

(3). Manual Wifi Connect Mode

In case, your router doesn’t have a WPS button then you can use this manual wifi connection mode for connecting the Canon printer to the wifi.

Note:- These methods are used to connect any canon printer wirelessly. However, if you are still facing problems connecting the printer then please contact Canon Support for more help.

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