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How to bring Canon printer offline to online on Mac?

canon printer offline mac

Question:- I am using a Canon mx922 printer and its not printing from my Mac. It says it’s Canon printer offline but it is connected to my wireless router. I tried to re-add the printer but the same message again “printer offline”. Restarted my Mac and the printer but still, it says Canon printer is offline. I don’t know why it is offline and how to fix this Canon Printer offline error on my Mac?

Why my Canon printer is Offline on Mac?

Let me explain to you in simple words when your Canon printer and Mac are not connected properly then the Canon printer shows you an offline message on the Mac. There are a lot of reasons why the Canon printer shows you an offline error while printing from Mac. 

Easy techniques to get Canon printer Online on Mac

If you are using a Mac computer then you can connect the Canon printer in two ways. But in both cases, the Canon printer goes offline and quit printing. So these steps will help you to fix printer offline error on Mac computers.

  1. USB Connection.
  2. Wireless Connection.

USB Connection:- 

If your Canon printer is connected to Mac with a USB cable, then try these steps.

Wireless Connection:- 

If your Canon printer is wireless and connected to Mac with a wireless network, then try these easy steps.

Note:- Still Canon printer shows you Offline message, then you can chat with the Support team or Contact Canon Printer Support for more Help and Support.

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