(Solved 2023)How to Clear Canon MX922 Support Code b200?

Canon MX922 Support Code b200

Question:- I am using a Canon mx922 printer and I am getting an error code b200 on the printer screen. It asked me to restart the printer but nothing happened. I can’t do anything with my printer until this b200 support code is removed. How can I remove this error b200 from my canon printer?

This article is for Canon printers.

It’s frustrating when you try to print any important document from the printer and suddenly you get an error code b200 on your canon printer. This is the most generic and feared error code on the canon printer. Because it shows you that your printer is not in good condition.
Some of you are thinking about purchasing a new printer, but as you no these printers are expensive, so it is worth giving a try to fix this support code using these easy steps.

What Causes the Canon MX922 Support Code B200 Error?

canon support code b200

From the deep research, it has been found that there are several factors why your Canon MX922 printer showing support code b200 on the printer screen.

  1. Ink Carriage jam inside the printer:- In the past, if there were any paper jams happed on the canon mx922 printer, then there is a possibility that you ink carriage get jam over the printer grip. Therefore, remove the jammed carriage before printing. Otherwise, you will get the same b200 support code on the canon mx922 printer.
  2. Waste Ink Tank might be Full:- Another scenario is the ink waste tank. In some Canon Pixma MX922 printers, you will find a waste ink tank that holds the waste ink used during the cleaning process. It’s recommended checking that tank if it is full. Clean the ink tank to remove the Canon support code b200 from the printer.
  3. Cartridges dried up (not used for a long time):-  Two types of cartridges are used in Canon mx922 printer 2 and 4+. If you are using your printer after a long time then these cartridge holes dried up and you will get the same Canon printer error code b200.
  4. Print Head overheat (blocks the connection):-  See sometimes it happens when you are printing too many pages at the same time from the Canon Pixma mx922 printer. And the print head of the printer gets overheated. During that time print head lose the connection with the cartridges and that Canon error code b200 starts flashing on the printer screen.
  5. Faulty Cartridges:- Last but not the least, if you bought any canon mx922 cartridge which is refurbished or not genuine. Then also you will see this b200 support code on your Canon mx922 printer.

Now you can check all of these possible reasons before going to the fixing part of this support code b200.

Best ways to fix canon error code b200:-

You might be thinking that replacing the print head will solve your problem. But replacing the print head is more expensive than buying a new printer. So we recommend you to follow these easy steps to clear the error code b200 from the printer.

  1. Turn off the printer and leave it as it is for the next 30-40 mins. It will reset all the functions and the printer will be cooled down.
  2. Check for any paper or carriage jam inside the printer. If any, then open the front door of the printer and clear paper jams and rotate the ink carriage.
  3. Now clean the print head with the help of a computer-based printer maintenance tool.
  4. The next step is to replace the old cartridges with the new one.
  5. Install the latest Canon printer drivers on the computer.
  6. Lastly, you need to manually clean the print head with a wet cloth or tissue paper. Clean the gold strips of the print head.

Note:- Still you are getting that support code b200 on the printer screen please call Canon Printer Support for advance troubleshooting and more help.

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